Is there a single day you do not Google? With the advent of digital marketing in India, 2018 has been quite a successful year for India from a marketer’s perspective.!

Since 2016, it has seen a rapid rise in the usage of Digital Marketing in India. The growth is estimated at around 50 %, thanks to digital marketers knowing what and when to present to the customers.

Digital marketing has especially been a boon to companies with overseas clientele. Digital marketing serves as an immediate and direct tool for these companies. They use their brand to make a secure, real-time…

Blog commenting involves posting comments on blogs and directing a backlink to the website. It is an extensively used strategy to get traffic to any website using backlinks.

You can easily get followers online for your published blogs. On seeing others follow the blog, many followers will join to comment on the blog and aim to get noticed. While leaving a comment, you are conveying to the blogger that you have actually read through the entire blog, understood its content and appreciating it.

It is also a great opportunity to bump into fresh bloggers or even other skilled bloggers. …

The terms Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking are not fancy buzzwords! Getting to know how a successful marketing strategy works wonders. This also needs cognizance that is well evident from successful businesses.

When you say Digital Marketing, SEO or Social Media Marketing is not the one-pill solution for all your business illness! Identifying the right audience and building an online presence for your business is necessary. This is either performed by reaching out to the crowd or getting them to reach out to you. …

Good content can do wonders for all online businesses. It can entice buyers to choose the products based on the well-presented information on the products and services offered by your businesses. So, it is important to furnish relevant information and provide all details and highlights of the services and products of your businesses.

Here are some tips on how you can provide some engaging and awesome content to your customers.

Generate their Curiosity and Satisfy them

Jacob Jose

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