Digital Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing vs. Growth Hacking

Traditional Digital Marketing

The pitfalls of traditional digital marketing are:

  • Not much targeted
  • Communication is one-way
  • Companies Seek out for clients
  • Content is strictly sales-related
  • Unsure about right audience reach
  • Quite Expensive

Digital Inbound Marketing

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  • This technique is targeted
  • Two-way communication
  • It provides value to customers
  • Impactful services
  • Drives qualified leads
  • Ongoing content creation helps in fueling the SEO
  • Increases brand awareness

Inbound Marketing Methodology





Growth Hacking

Growth hacking methodologies

  • Awareness- Getting people to visit your website
  • Acquisition- Getting them to sign up
  • Activation- Users get a great user experience
  • Revenue- Sell
  • Retention- Getting users to come back
  • Referral- Getting customers to promote us

Pitfalls and shortcomings of Growth Hacking

Blunders with Growth Hacking

Hyper-growth of companies with Inbound marketing over Growth Hacking

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